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  • Opioid Addiction and Death Our Number One Pubic Health Crisis
    Posted: 11/1/2018
    When it comes to our opioid crisis, we must do more to support and expand treatment and rehabilitation programs, rather than focusing predominately on criminalization. Irresponsible drug-makers and negligent doctors must be held accountable as well. Overdose-reversing treatments need to be made even more accessible.

  • Paul Cusack's October Surprise
    Posted: 10/30/2018
    From the Cape Cod Times... Previously undivulged information about a candidate that is released in the days before an election an "October surprise" is typically unseemly or scandalous. Not so for Paul Cusack, the Democratic candidate challenging incumbent state Rep. William Crocker, R-Centerville, in the 2nd Barnstable District. [Additional Info]